Can You Make Money With Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry that grows as more and more people switch from print media to digital. In fact, according to the US BLS, the employment of internet advertising managers will increase by 34% through 2020. And if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you can join in on this booming industry. 

There are opportunities to make money with all types of digital marketing. The range can include online tutoring, affiliate reselling, blogging, advertising income, and more.

Digital marketing is spreading across the globe’s consumer market – and these days, you need not be an official company representative to take part in that growth. Marketing has never been easier or more accessible than it is now! 

All that’s needed is a computer or smartphone and something interesting to say about a product – whether digital, physical, or technological – that audiences might like to hear.

The truth is that digital marketing can be used for so many purposes. Whether you are looking to start a new business or get help growing an old one, digital marketing has everything it takes to get the job done. The internet these days is so vast and dense with opportunities for someone who knows what they’re doing – that’s where all real opportunity lies.

us b2b businesses change in digital vs traditional marketing 2022
The average marketing budget is expected to see a rise in spending, traditional advertising is at 0.55%, while digital marketers are looking at a 13.59% jump.

24 Proven Ways You can make money with digital marketing

Digital marketing is the strategy of using digital tools and techniques to promote a product or service. It can be challenging for entrepreneurs to find time to develop their businesses. Still, there are ways you can make money with digital marketing that will allow you to focus on your business while still making a profit.  

With these proven tips, you’ll be able to create a plan that will help grow your company and bring in revenue without spending too much time on it.  

Here’s how:

  1. Sell online courses – If you know your topic and have something special or unique that sets you apart from the competition, then sell a course on it and people will pay you to teach them what they need to know.
  1. Blog – Create blog posts on your topics of expertise for free and allow advertisements to appear at the bottom of each post so that companies looking for more exposure can buy ad space from you. You’ll be able to make money through the ads and earn some article income if any of your articles are popular enough with readers when other bloggers quote excerpts in their posts.
  1. Sell campaigns to advertisers who want their product advertised before potential customers. Create an ad campaign that targets a specific demographic, generate ads that target keywords relevant to the campaign, then place these ads onto websites that readers are likely accessing them through – now not only are they reading advertisements but also clicking on them, which has yielded higher conversion rates for advertisers. Since digital marketing is targeted towards specific demographics rather than geographical regions, this gives you the ability to make money worldwide! 
  1. Pay-per-click marketing is a beneficial way to use Google AdWords.
  1. The pay-per-lead model provides you with a set of leads or a phone number for you to contact after they’ve read your advertisement on the internet. This means that not only will somebody be willing to answer your call, but they’ll also have already been on your website and seen what it has to offer before getting in touch.
  1. Internet Marketing Consulting – This could be in the form of web design, social media management, SEO, blogging strategies, content strategy. Another place to try testing your skills in internet marketing is an eCommerce company or online retail company where you can test your conversion rates to measure ROI.
  1. Freelancing – This will allow you to make money with digital marketing because it will enable you lower rates for work and charge customers hourly/daily rates which cut commission out of the equation. The hours are flexible, so this would also make sense if you are looking for a side hustle or student who needs to earn loan money on the side instead of working at Starbucks all day long.
  1. Become a freelance writer – Apply for an SEO writing gig at any site that accepts freelancers, or hop on industry-specific sites like Upwork or Guru, where you can select gigs in the digital marketing field.
  1. Build an email list and use social media to acquire traffic, make reasonable offers, and build a following around your content and products. 
  1. Connect with influencers in your field and exchange endorsement deals for their help promoting you on social media – this model is known as blog monetization. 
  1. AdSense money – Street vendors of internet ads, YouTube video makers can make a few hundred dollars per day relying on Google AdSense alone.
  1. Affiliate marketing – Running a website with hundreds or thousands of visitors who use your links to purchase items from merchants from your field(s) of expertise will lead you to success in affiliate marketing if the merchant sells the products, and this doesn’t require any inventory at all on your part.
  1. Sell products/services online – If you’re willing to learn how to promote products and services with customer traffic and generate backlinks for yourself without risking too much capital, then go ahead and start this way!
  1. Do Sponsored Posts – Companies and individuals can pay YOU (the influencer) to post promotional messages on their Instagram, YouTube channel, or blog page. This is an excellent way for small brands to get extra exposure without having to commit financially or give up equity in their company.
  1. Write Digital Reviews And Earn Money As A Paid Journalist.
  1. Sell products as Affiliates – As an affiliate, you can sell digital content such as ebooks and create a stream of revenue. You may also offer physical products for sale online and use your blog to promote the items.
  1. Facebook Ads – This is a popular marketing strategy because it’s free to create an account and start experimenting with paid ads.
  1. Work for a company that invests in digital marketing. These are generally startups, but there are also firms like Square and Twitch, which have successfully merged the worlds of technology with marketing. The good news is that companies are looking to hire marketers given that they understand how essential it is given their footing in the world marketplace.
  1. Use your skills for all major social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.; if you’re skilled at using all popular social media channels – you have an excellent chance of making money doing what you love or enjoy! Companies spend millions on advertising, so it’s no wonder why creating content for these channels has become so profitable! 
  1. Become a consultant to companies performing activities in this space. Evaluate opportunities cost-effectively and provide recommendations about how to continue operating or tackle specific challenges – saving both money and time spent by the client (and yourself).
  1. You are investing in domain names for a future business venture. Domain names are the foundation of your business. The domain name is, in essence, the street address for your business. If you don’t have a good talk, there is no point trying to start a company at all. And if you are serious about starting up, buying domains that could be used as alternate addresses or future websites is an investment that needs to be made soon while they’re still affordable.
  1. Become a teacher/trainer in your area of expertise by delivering training workshops or hosting webinars so others can grow their skills set and pay you for it.
  1. Provide Customer Service to Companies who cannot provide it themselves or don’t have enough staff devoted to doing so.
  1. Email Marketing – Email marketing will likely always be one of the most popular ways for online marketers such as yourselves to generate income because it’s a fantastic resource that’s super relevant right now. It pays off in more ways than just pure revenue, too – it’ll help your customers get what they want and broaden your reach at the same time. 

With all the ways you can make money with digital marketing, it’s hard to go wrong. From advertising to analytics, there are many opportunities available for those who want to take their skills to the next level and make money doing it! So, take the first step towards a fulfilling career in digital marketing.

How Do Digital Marketing Companies Make Money?

Digital marketing companies provide innovative and effective online marketing solutions for their clients. 

Online marketing is tricky to break into because the internet has created a saturated field with options. However, there are still many reasons digital marketing companies have been successful.

Digital marketing companies generate revenue to help their clients increase their web presence and rank higher in search engine results. They partner with SEO specialists, social media marketers, designers, content writers – all of whom are usually paid on a performance-based rate based on how successful they are at helping their clients reach set goals.

There are three standard techniques that many agencies use:

  1. Digital Marketing companies make money by charging clients (typically businesses) for services like producing content, building websites, etc. 
  1. They make money by acting as brokers where they find advertisers or affiliates interested in buying their digital marketing space and then take a fee on the transaction. 
  1. Digital marketing companies typically charge a flat monthly rate as package rates for customers with multiple needs like SEO and SEM, allowing customers to save.

Digital marketing companies are in the business of providing advertising and promotion services to their clients. They can either charge by time or offer packages that include specific numbers of hours, with an agreed-upon price per hour. 

Different digital marketing companies will have different rates for each package they offer. It all depends on what features you need from your agency. For instance, a company may advertise on social media platforms like Instagram, which is free but charge more if you want them to create product reviews on YouTube for your website’s page.

How Can I Make Money With Digital Marketing?

Are you looking for a new way to make money? Do you want to learn how to become an entrepreneur and start your own business? Digital marketing is the perfect solution!

Successful digital marketing starts with a plan, which you’ll need to map out very precisely. Marketing is not an easy job, yet it’s one of the most vital pieces of any successful business.

Digital marketing uses technology to advertise companies, products, and ideas. So how can you make money with digital marketing? The answer is by deciding what area of this field interests you most – eCommerce, social media management, or website design.

Digital marketing is the fastest-growing sector of marketing. It’s looking at where things are going and what people want instead of patting ourselves on the back for always doing it the same way.

Here are three ways to make money with digital marketing:

  1. You could offer your services as a consultant or strategic advisor through companies looking to hire people for these posts. This is an excellent option if you want to work from home and don’t want the hassle of dealing with potential employees on top of it all.  Work from anywhere in the world!
  1. Work to create genuine content that people want to read and share with other people. Hire writers if possible, or take the time to brush up on your writing skills. Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., to share this content with the audience you’re trying to reach, whether it’s local businesses just starting or businesses currently running an online campaign.
  1. Outsource your work. Hire virtual assistants and freelancers on sites like Freelancer and Upwork to do all the menial tasks, freeing up time for you to focus on bigger picture stuff. It’s a win-win for both of you as professionals – stick with what you’re good at and let them handle the dregs of work that any entrepreneur will need to be dealt with at some point.

Digital marketing is one of the best ways to make money. You can get started with digital marketing for free, and there are many different types of careers you could pursue in this field. From a blog writer or social media manager to an SEO specialist or graphic designer-the possibilities are endless. There’s no better time than now to start your journey into the world of digital marketing.

How Much Do Marketing Agencies Charge Per Month?

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve probably had to deal with the frustration of understanding what marketing agencies charge per month.  Whether you need a logo or website design or are looking for more comprehensive services like Facebook advertising, there is one question that often comes up: how much does it cost?

There are many different marketing agencies, each with their prices that depend primarily on the size of your business and what type of services they offer. Whichever one you choose, filling out a quote form is always an essential first step in getting access to rates.

To put some numbers on things, a small marketing agency might charge $1000 per month for one person who only does copywriting and $1500-$2500 per month for an account executive who does nothing but creative work with clients. 

A large-scale marketing agency will usually ask clients for more than this range depending on what services they are looking for and how complicated these services will be.

It is also important to note that some companies ask for an hourly rate while others request a monthly fee–certainly not uncommon when it comes to marketing services! Ultimately, whatever option your company selects will depend mainly on its particular needs.

Can I Earn Money From Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the act of reaching out to potential customers or consumers through digital means, such as social media, content publishing, advertising banners, and links on websites. 

There are many different ways to earn money from digital marketing – full-time employment at a company that sells products online, opening an affiliate marketing account with Amazon Associates, and starting your own consulting business. 

Learning how to market yourself makes you more employable than other people in this industry. It teaches critical thinking skills that will carry over to other sectors by knowing how companies reach their audiences digitally. 

Three ways you can make money from digital marketing:

  1. Know marketing basics – Marketing is the process of identifying, communicating to, and satisfying customers’ needs profitably. Whenever someone says, “There are three marketing steps,” they’re referring to the basic process for implementing a marketing strategy that includes understanding your customer’s needs, getting in contact with them by selling or promoting to them based on what you know about their needs and wants, and identifying your customer’s level of satisfaction with what you did for them.
  1. Identify customer pain points – Finding out what customers are struggling with so you can offer products or services that solve their issues is called gathering insight into your target audience’s pains. Understanding this will help you decide which products might be marketed towards buyers to refer others.
  1. You can create a course on digital marketing. This is a great way to not only share your knowledge with the world and make money through this method but also provide something that people may be struggling to find or making an hour-for-hour investment worth it. (If your intent is more on polishing up on your skills and you’re looking for feedback, these qualitative insights might help).

You can earn money from digital marketing, but you need to understand the basics first. It’s not enough to know how your customers think; you also have to show them that they’re getting a good value for their time and investment.


There are many ways to make money with digital marketing, and you can choose the strategy that best suits your style. If you want a hands-on approach, try affiliate management or building an email list for yourself. 

If you’d rather stay in control of what is happening on your website all day long, consider freelancing as a web developer or copywriter. 

Whatever path you take, remember that it doesn’t matter how successful someone else’s business model has been if it’s not something that will work for your own company!

Quick Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Difference between digital marketing managers and digital marketers?

Digital Marketing Managers are charged with digital marketing strategy and management, while marketers are responsible for generating traffic, lead conversion, brand awareness through content marketing.

Digital Marketing Management is an umbrella term for various responsibilities related to spreading virality through social media channels and traditional advertising mediums. Their role involves strategic planning of both short-term and long-term objectives. They’re in charge of hiring staff, setting budgets, and managing client relations. Essentially they oversee all the day-to-day operations that go into building a targeted audience that can be monetized by selling products, whether it’s offline or on.

Can you use Google ads as an affiliate link for mobile marketing?

Yes. Google welcomes marketers to promote their mobile apps using AdWords for iOS and Android. You can use Google’s conversion tracking tag to analyze the success of your campaigns! If you don’t want traffic to come at all, you can opt-out of this service. This will only apply if the conversion tracking tag is implemented on web pages accessed through an iOS or Android device.

Can you make money online as a freelance digital marketer?

It might not be the correct answer for every writer, but there are ways to take advantage of your skills in digital marketing without having to go through an entire job search.

There are many freelance jobs you can find online that don’t take more than a day or two at a time. Do some internet parts searching and see if anything suits your skillset. And if it doesn’t, be persistent enough that it does! Have faith in yourself – the only person who decides what success looks like is you! We all have different styles and personalities, so don’t let anyone’s negative opinions about you hold you back from pursuing something great.

Is content marketing better than social media marketing?

Yes. Build a following on social media, and then use the content you have shared with that following to market your product or service through relevant updates. The good news is that it’s an inexpensive way to build a loyal customer base and fill your database with interested subscribers who know all about you when you finally come out with something new! It allows customers to choose what they want from your business, rather than being advertised whenever they go online.

Should I apply for digital marketing jobs before starting my online business?

Yes. You can test the digital marketing waters through freelance jobs before jumping in with both feet. One of the best ways to determine whether or not you are cut out for a career in digital marketing is to explore your skills at service-based tasks, such as answering customer support queries or writing newsletters.

If you want to build experience within digital marketing, try starting by completing free projects on sites like Upwork and Fiverr, where professionals can advertise their services online for relatively low amounts of money. Alternatively, if you have the skills but lack the necessary experience to back it up with qualifications, sign up for an apprenticeship scheme that teaches young professionals digital communication skills through placements in industrial environments.

Can traditional marketing appeal to the potential customer?

Yes. Traditional marketing can still generate leads and increase sales numbers by getting the right message across at the right time and clearly and persuasively.

Ultimately, there’s no excuse for not thinking about how marketers can use traditional tools to get people to take their desired actions within whatever budget is available. The question isn’t whether you should be using traditional marketing techniques… but rather which ones will work best with your particular situation and audience.

Do I need to do a digital marketing course to be an affiliate marketer?

No. You can get started with all the basics you need to know by reading blog posts, forums, and talks given by people in the field on sites like Udemy or Skillshare. But always remember that having a good strategy for marketing your niche is critical. For example, if you want to be an affiliate marketer for fashion brands, check out this blog post for some great tips on finding customers who are willing to buy what you have!

Difference between a digital marketing agency and a digital marketing specialist?

A digital marketing agency provides a range of services and expertise to clients, such as media buying and campaign strategy. A digital marketing specialist may only offer clients one or two related services, such as social media management or paid advertising.

The difference between an agency and a specialist is often the breadth of offerings they can provide for potential clients. While some specialists offer multiple types of services in their specialization, agencies typically have a wider variety of skills available from different consultants on staff, which allows for more comprehensive result packages with the client’s logo attributed for various practical and possible methods time.

What digital product is part of the digital marketing channels?

Email marketing is a form of digital marketing that allows you to reach consumers through email with “marketing messages or ads.” It’s the world’s best communication tool with over two billion active users and seventy-seven percent open rates. It all boils down to communication, and as such, email has increasingly become the most important digital marketing channel.

Difference between an affiliate product and an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is one where you join the company as an affiliate, and they provide payment methods, marketing materials, etc., to help promote their product. An affiliate product is usually an individual who has invented or hand-selected a product that they can then sell on their website (depending on marketing agreements with the manufacturer).

An affiliate would earn money for promoting specific products based on purchases generated through referral links provided with pay-out percentages determined by the value of each sale (usually 2-5% of each sale cost goes to purchase price) or commissions through referral link clicks 1%-50%.

Difference between a digital marketer and a marketing manager?

A digital marketer is focused on marketing through digital channels rather than via traditional methods.

Marketing managers are typically focused entirely on traditional advertising avenues that are then implemented digitally. Digital marketers often work with conventional and new media to see the most effective at reaching customers in today’s modern marketing world. 

A digital marketer is a technology specialist who implements social media campaigns for a company or organization and works with other marketing strategies to enhance their impact in the marketplace.

What digital marketing strategy is best for the social media platform?

The best strategy for social media may not be what is best for you. While Facebook and Twitter have different marketing methods, the approach needs to be tailored to fit the platform. 

A recent study by Sprout Social revealed how brands could generate more robust social growth through the strategic use of an additional social network and their primary network: Sprout Social Data Report: What Brands Should Be Doing on Multiple Networks? 

Some brands perform better on Facebook while others do better on Twitter; even among networks like Tumblr and Pinterest, there are insights into how specific demographics engage with them or prefer one over another.

Does digital marketing skill determine the digital marketing salary?

The ability to generate leads, create digital marketing strategies, manage a budget, and measure results play a more significant role in valuation than how ‘skilled’ someone is at digital marketing.

In the work environment, skills usually dictate compensation amounts. This is not always the case, though! Digital marketers need to learn how managers and other employees think and receive information if they want to be valued for their selling skills instead of their lead-generating skills.

Which digital marketing service increases potential clients?

Google Adwords is the most obvious choice, though it does have some benefits. To get more clicks on your website, you’ll need to pay Google every time somebody clicks on an ad they see come up when searching for something else. However, that is just the beginning of how AdWords can generate clients for you. You can also utilize their remarketing service to target people who have visited your website in the past but did not convert at the time. Following up with those visitors and getting them to come back as buyers or consumers will exponentially increase traffic and potential business!

What is the best marketing tool for a marketing campaign?

The best marketing tool is to provide valuable information that directly and positively affects the market and leads them to the conclusion of purchasing your product.

The next time you’re thinking about launching a marketing campaign, don’t forget to use customer research and practical applications as your road map. Because what we sell is an experience, not just a cookie-cutter cookie.

Does a digital marketing manager receive affiliate commission?

Yes, they often depend on their employer and the affiliate or outsource company.

Employers will pay for this commission if they want the marketing manager to increase sales without additional work. This is something that most companies prefer to do because an employee who is getting paid has less of a chance of quitting like someone who was working for free would.

What is a digital marketing institute?

Digital Marketing Institute provides digital marketing training to industry-ready graduates, which is available through lifelong learning solutions.

Digital Marketing Institute offers to learn for beginners to advanced levels in digital marketing. They can provide this education through flexible learning solutions that can be delivered online or on-site at client offices worldwide. Trainees are allowed to choose their preferred method of instruction. Learners can choose from various courses that speak to many goals and interests, such as social media management, email marketing, website design, and more!

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