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At Business Data List, we have helped businesses and entrepreneurs improve their customer acquisition and their understanding of marketing for millions of readers and customers.

I’m Wasim Jabbar, a Professional data analyst, and marketer, founder of this website, and copywriter of all articles on this site. I am also a father of two boys, an entrepreneur, and the innovator of the successful marketing technology PhotoSnap™.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Every data list we supply is checked and data cleansed for bad data. However, sometimes human error does seep through and that is why we have put in place our customer satisfaction guarantee.

If some of the data does appear bad we cannot offer a full refund unless the data list is over 10% bad unusable data. As once you buy, it becomes yours to do with as you please. However, in case of an error, we will replace the error, amend or supply you with a new variation of the data you purchased. Any claim after 14 days of purchase will not be valid.

Also, rest assured you won’t find duplicates. We use an Excel function to remove duplicates. This gives us more accuracy when showing the totals of each column.


Targeted Business Data Lists

How can I be sure that I’m buying quality data?

Businessdatalist.com intends to supply the best quality business data in the market. The business email addresses have been checked to be less than 5% bounce rate and GDPR compliant

Free data sample lists have been provided to download and check for themselves before purchasing. 

Let us know if you are dissatisfied with your purchased products due to poor data quality. We will examine the list, data cleanse, identify bad data and replace them with high-quality data.

Can I generate business leads from these business data lists?

We sell business data lists ideally suited for marketing. We know that the objective of most businesses that buy business data lists is to acquire new customers. It has been well documented that cold business emails can generate new business leads for the sender

The B2B marketplace is rapidly increasing and is expected to reach $3.6 trillion in sales by 2024. It shows that the demand is very high for businesses to reach out to other companies in the hope of starting successful relationships.

How valuable are the targeted data lists being sold?

The cost of the targeted business lists on the business data list website is the lowest in the market. However, the value it will bring to your business can be exponential. The more targeted business lists you buy, the more chance you can convert them into customers. 

There is no limit to how many customers you can acquire for your business with a clear, direct, and relevant approach.

What if I get too many email hard bounces from the data list I purchase?

Due to our rigorous data cleansing process, it is doubtful you will get many hard bounces with the email list we provide. However, if you do, we will replace every single bad email in the list with a fully active and valid email. We will also include a complete data cleanse of the entire list, replacing all bad data.

What does the business data list guarantee mean?

The businessdatalist.com means that you can expect to receive high-quality data when you purchase and download from the site. We aim to provide 95% data accuracy making it suitable for your targeted B2B marketing campaign.

If you receive low-quality data for any reason, we will replace every single one you identify. Also, the whole list will go through a data cleansing process, and all bad data will be replaced. 

Our guarantee means this process (if required) will only be done once and within a reasonable amount of time after purchase (6 months). Ultimately we intend to provide you with data you can be satisfied with. We are happy to help with any issues; please talk to us and find out more.

Are businesses on the list overwhelmed with emails already?

It is a well-known fact that business emails receive less spam than personal emails. Spammers find it easier to deceive individuals because most businesses are only interested in relevant, targeted emails. 

Most business email users are known as “power users.” Meaning they can handle a lot of emails very quickly with little effort compared to “standard users.” 

It is tough to overwhelm or overload a power user with marketing emails. They welcome more emails because they know they’ll get through it like a hot knife through butter.

Can I get a full refund if I dislike the list after purchasing?

It is very rare when a full refund is justifiable. Your purchased data list would need to be over 30% bad unusable data to get offered a full refund. A better solution would be replacing the bad data and a complete data cleanse of the entire data list.

How many times am I allowed to download the same data after purchasing?

From the businessdatalist.com download link, you will be able to download your purchased product up to five times if logged in. Therefore all your downloads are easily accessible without contacting us. That is why we recommend registering as a user before purchasing.

Can I allow other people to download the purchased data from the link?

Once you have purchased a product from the Business Data List website, you can download the data up to five times. You can allow others to download it by sending them the link to the download page. Do keep in mind, this will reduce your five download limit concessions.

Do I have to register to purchase items from the Business Data List store?

It is highly recommended that you first create a user account before purchasing. You can buy without a registered account and use a guest account to purchase and download. 

It is far easier to return to your downloads and gain access if you have a registered user account. If you want to gain access to your downloadable content without a registered user account, you will need to contact us.

Protecting your Personal Information

Will my purchase history, contact details, and other details be sold?

We will not share, sell or hand over any of your details or purchase history to third-party individuals or organizations. We take personal data security very seriously, and it is our utmost priority to keep all data secure. 

If you feel your details have been compromised, please contact us to investigate the matter. With our CRM, we can track all data that passes through our system.

How can I be sure my details will not be sold?

Our policy is not to sell your details to third-party individuals or organizations. You can rest assured your details are safe with us and will only be used to provide you with better customer service.

We secure our website using SSL, firewall, right-click protection, and anti-virus solutions. We also hosted on highly secure servers making your data highly safe.

What personal details do I need to give you to purchase the sold data?

You only need to enter your email address and first name to purchase a product. Your surname, company name, and phone number are optional. Your email is required to verify your purchase should we ever need to locate your account or data. And your first name is helpful for our email to enter your inbox should we ever need to email you.

Will I receive a VAT receipt after purchasing a product from your site?

We will provide you with a VAT receipt on request via email. You only need to add a note during your purchase that you need a VAT receipt, and we will indeed email you with one. If you didn’t add a note, not to worry, send us an email, and we’ll reply within two working days with your VAT receipt.

How do I know my payment details are secure?

Businessdatalist.com only uses Paypal for all transactions for security reasons. Paypal is highly secure for payments, and it’s one of the widely used payment systems in the world. They quickly resolve any purchase disputes, always favoring the customer if a simple solution is not found.

Can I request my details to be deleted?

You can request your details to be deleted at any time via email. We will promptly delete all details we hold (as requested) and confirm that we have done so via a reply email.