Press Release: QNECMS.CO.UK Merges with BUSINESSDATALIST.COM As Of Oct 12, 2021


QNECMS.CO.UK was a dedicated website designed to make the job interview process easier. ON October 12 the QNECMS site was merged into BUSINESSDATALIST.COM. Wasim Jabbar the CEO of BUSINESSDATALIST is now the CEO of QNECMS.

The content from QNECMS has been archived here on this site.

What did QNECMS do?

Started in 2005 QNECMS was a website designing tool made to be user-friendly and accessible to anyone needing the service.

Since 2018 QNECMS was a website that helped promote a user-friendly web app dedicated to helping candidates make the job interview process easier.

QNECMS has helped 125 startups with their website and also since 2018 has helped employees find startup jobs. Check out this recent article 13 Best Questions To Ask Startup CEO At Interview that QNECMS CEO was a part of.


What does Business Data List do?

Since January 2020, Business Data List has operated as a dedicated source of information and marketing data for new and established businesses.

The synergy between the new venture, Business Data List, and QNECMS resulted in a successful merger.

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